Rental Prices

Note: watercraft rentals are currently only available at Horne Lake Regional Park


2 hours $40 + GST
All day (9am – 4pm) $100 + GST

Stand-Up Paddleboard

1 hour $25 + GST

Single Kayak

1 hour $20 + GST

Double Kayak

1 hour $30 + GST

Important Notes for All Rentals

  • Deposit required for all rentals (credit card and photo ID required) renter must be 19 years or older
  • Equipment subject to availability
  • Equipment out more than 15 min past return time will be charged the next rate
  • Rentals and Returns must be made through the Park Operator Staff at the Office
  • Renter is responsible for all damage, loss and associated costs of the equipment
  • Lost or Damaged Equipment: PFDs = $100+, Paddles = $75+, Damage to watercraft = Assessed Repair