Reports to: Park Manager 

The Park Patrol position is responsible for the day to day security of specific parks in a region or bundle area. 

General Responsibilities (but not limited to): 

  • To contribute to ensuring the Permit area is safe, clean, and functional. 
  • To ensure the security of the Permit area. 
  • To conduct duties of the Collector when necessary. (see Collector / Gatehouse job description) 

Specific Responsibilities (but not limited to): 

  • To ensure that the Permit Area of the Park is maintained to a high standard of service with equipment necessary to do the job effectively. 
  • To be familiar with the Park, its facilities, recreational opportunities, and display good public relation skills when assisting Park users. 
  • To be familiar with the Park Regulations and be able to communicate them to Park users in a courteous manner when necessary to do so. 
  • To be familiar with emergency procedures and to deal with them effectively. 
  • To maintain a high standard of Public Safety: 
    • By advising Park users who are acting in an unsafe manner to cease that activity.
    • By acting on situations before they have unfortunate results. 
  • To maintain Public control and noise control and ensure any incidents which occur in the Permit area are duly recorded. 
  • To ensure emergency vehicle access to and in the Permit Area is maintained at all times. 
  • To ensure sites are not overcrowded and that all vehicles and camping equipment are within the boundaries of the campsite. 
  • To ensure only registered campers are in the Permit Area after 11:00pm and that all day use accesses are closed and locked at the scheduled time. 
  • To deal effectively with enforcement situations in a mature and responsible manner.

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