About the Park

This park has a kilometer long sand and pebble beach with sandstone and conglomerate rock formations that are seen at low tide. There are 2 km of easy walking trails that follow the shoreline and pass through endangered Garry oak ecosystems and meadows. These trails are accessible from the day-use area.


The park is a diverse marine zone. Scuba divers can dive from the shores of the park, or head out to Rogers reef by boat and still be out of the strong currents that run through Gabriola Passage. There is no designated swimming area at this park. Be cautious when swimming in the ocean at this park as riptides and currents can be dangerous. There are no lifeguards on duty at any provincial park.


Facilities at this day-use only park include, pit toilets, picnic tables, hiking trails and an information shelter.


WARNING: This park has a plant called Giant Hogweed. Touching any part of this plant, followed by exposure to sunlight causes painful blisters or burns up to 48 hours after contact. Contact with eyes can cause temporary or permanent blindness. If you do come in contact with the plant, you are advised to wash the affected areas immediately, keep them out of direct sunlight and seek medical advice.


Giant Hogweed is originally from Asia and was introduced as a garden ornamental plant. It grows to 5-7 meters (15-20 feet) and a width of 1.7 meters (5 feet). The thick, hollow stems have reddish-purple spots and bristles. The large leaves are similar to shape to maple leaves, with hairs on the undersurface.



There are a couple of picnic tables available within this park, but also many other places to sit by the water and enjoy a casual picnic.



There is no camping permitted in this park.



There are no fires allowed in this park.



To get to Drumbeg from the Gabriola ferry terminal take South Road to Stalker Road and follow signs to the park. Drumbeg Provincial Park is also accessible by boat, with very limited anchorage. The park is situated in the middle of a very busy passage. Boaters can reference marine chart #3475 for more information on this area.


Nearby Parks

Other parks on the island are Sandwell Provincial Park and Gabriola Sands Provincial Park.



For further information, visit www.bcparks.ca