Note: tent rentals are currently only available at Horne Lake Regional Park

Our pricing in our program descriptions if for basic programming itinerary and group-site rental only. Included in this itinerary will be free-time where you are responsible for your own acvies. You are also responsible for your own tents and food.

For an additional cost we can provide the extras…we can book additional programming into your free-me slots and we can provide tents (two opons) as well as fully catered food. If you would like more information on any of these extra options, contact us for prices and availability.

**All prices are subject to change.

Group Site Rental

We have a special reduced rate for youth groups organized by schools or non-profit societies or $2.50+GST per night per person with a minimum charge of $37.50+GST per night per group site. If you are participating in our sleepover programs (Survivors or Learn to Camp), your group site rental fee is included in your program fees for your students. Adult chaperones who are not paying program fees will be expected to pay a groups site fee of $2.50+GST per night.